Company Profile


NikakisTech Company has dynamic presence in the Greek market with the manufacturing of new packaging machines.

Our company deals with packaging machines and their manufacturing. In detail:

  • We activate in the commercial and manufacturing fields.
  • We provide study and design of whole production lines and packaging machines.
  • We provide services and technical support.

The machines we provide to cover every need of a Greek businessperson, are as below:


  • Full lines for liquid bottling (low or high output) for products such as 

       olive oil, seed oils, vinegar, mineral oil, hypochlorite and chemical products.


  • Filling volumetric, level and weighing machines, and also machines with flow meters.
  • Capsules welding machine.
  • Labellers with full system, printing and adhesion.
  • Study, design and reconstruction of old machines using state-of-the-art materials.

With our specialized equipment we can cover the needs of Oil Industries, Food Industries, Chemical Industries and others.

We represent the best foreign Manufacturing Companies in the field of packaging machines, such as Kohem Srl, Sfoggiatech Srl and Tenco Srl.

NikakisTech Company with its machines series and in collaboration with foreign companies, can and will make true every project no matter how complicated might be, because due to our knowhow we can provide you with economical solutions, to cover every need regarding product packaging and liquid bottling, with the lowest cost possible.

Our target as a company is meeting our customers’ expectations regarding packaging.